lpl电竞比赛排名官网 offers a complete cool chain with climate control, monitoring sensors, and absolute visibility for the entire chain of custody of your supply chain. CFI was the first company in the industry to offer 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service along with a full line of inbound, high humidity forced-air cooling, inventory temperature control and distribution services software that includes web access and remote printing of all documents. Perishable commodities like produce, seafood, and flowers remain at the peak of freshness. Temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals are safe in our hands. You can trust our time honored cool chain to prevent temperature excursions and deliver your product as fresh as we received it.

CFI understands that temperature excursions cannot happen to your shipment. We offer 24/7 climate control from door to door.

With special sensors to monitor the temperature of your cargo from the moment it arrives in our hands until we deliver it safely, we ensure your cargo remains at temperature.

CFI understands that there is no fixing a shipment that's undergone a temperature excursion, so we keep it cool, door to door, for every shipment, everywhere.

Protection is important, and protecting your temperature sensitive cargo is our most important job. With regular shipments and deliveries in refrigerated trucks, CFI keeps it cool, even on the hottest days.

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