lpl电竞比赛排名官网 knows that confectionery cargo is both a work of art and a test of strength. As a temperature sensitive and normally fragile shipment, we make sure that your candy delicacies arrive on time and in perfect condition. Our cool chain keeps candies, chocolates and other sweets exactly as shipped while they travel to their destinations both at home and overseas.

Whether you're shipping the finished delicacy or the raw materials of a future delicious dessert, CFI is prepared to move your cargo to an exacting degree.

We're ready with a complete cold chain to make sure your confections are pristine upon arrival at destination, including temperature sensor monitoring.

With CFI, there are no more temperature excursions. You can see exactly what temperature journey your confection has had when you ship with CFI.

Chocolate itself is a temperature masterpiece. The shipping of chocolate shouldn't be. CFI is prepared to make sure your cargo stays cool even on the hottest days.

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