Central Florida and North Carolina are also regional centers for nursery stock florals. From the producers™ site through to the customers at Aalsmeer Floral Auction, Amsterdam, Netherlands, CFI hands all the delicate logistics arrangements assuring our customers their leatherleaf, fern and galax orders arrive on time and in great shape. Ready for market and florists worldwide.

Flowers and greens begin their journey being cooled to prevent early blooming. Our goal is to extend vase time so the final recipient has the longest, freshest, sweetest smelling bouquets possible.

By maintaining our florals and greens in a controlled atmosphere and specially maintained warehouses, we can extend the life of blooms and reduce waste with sensor monitors to ensure even cooling throughout the journey.

Flowers are shipped with a controlled atmosphere to extend the shelf life which translates into fresh blooms and full greens. This is achieved through a reduction of respiration which inhibits the ripening process and reduces susceptibility to chilling injury.

Our ferns come from the timber in the Pacific Northwest and ship all over the globe. CFI protects these precious greens in a controlled atmosphere container for ocean shipments or climate stable trucks for domestic transit. Our goal is to see them reach their destination just as lovely and lush as they ever were.

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