lpl电竞比赛排名官网 has four decades experience handling U.S. domestic and foreign produce for import, export or transshipment. In Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle we receive a mix of year-round and seasonal produce that is shipped around the world. We even offer transshipment services, acting as a re-packer and handler for cargo in transit between a foreign seller in one region and a foreign buyer in another.

Blueberry – aka Blues - season begins in late June and lasts through September with both ocean and air freight shipments. CFI moves Oregon and Michigan Blues via expedited ocean vessels in controlled atmosphere (CA) containers.

From cherry season we move into other fruit like peaches, plums and nectarines and grapes. Our Miami facility is the jumping off point for many produce items grown throughout the states of Georgia and Florida.

From September through March, CFI moves weekly containers loaded with Apples (Fuji & Red Delicious) and Pears (D’Anjou) from the Pacific Northwest to Asia.

In Los Angeles, we receive produce like green onions and asparagus from farms in Mexico and California and ship to Hawaii, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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